Celebrating Bengali Heritage In Luton

Celebrating Bengali Heritage In Luton

Heritage Project Aims to celebrate immigration and historical naturalization of the Bangladeshi community in the UK.

Aims to inform the community about the Bangladeshi history, culture, and achievements via the medium of the national language, poetry, and dance which will be exhibited throughout Luton in different venues.

We also aim to capture our communities experience and memories as a Bangladeshi living in the UK in the early days of the migration. This will be showcased in our exhibition through a mini-documentary, where you will get to see a collection of interviews with the older generation of the Bangladeshi community.

A Booklet will be printed and displayed on our website, where you can find all our research and collected data in regard to the Bangladeshi heritage in Luton.

The project will give a chance for the community of all age groups to get involved in this endeavour. The young kids will get involved with cultural arts and enhance their confidence, the youth could bring their energy to research and collection of data learning new skills and the elderly can share the memories and guide us through their journey.

Get In Touch For More Information

For more information please contact Sunil Kumar who is our Heritage Project Co-ordinator.

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