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Meet our Dedicated Trustees

At Bangladesh Youth League (BYL) / Centre for Youth and Community Development (CYCD), we are privileged to have a remarkable team of trustees who play a pivotal role in shaping our mission and impact. Our trustees are not just leaders; they are passionate advocates for change, each with a unique background and a shared commitment to serving our communities.

Diverse Perspectives, Common Dedication: Our trustees hail from diverse walks of life, bringing a rich tapestry of experiences and expertise to the table. This diversity is the cornerstone of our strength, as it allows us to approach challenges and opportunities with a wide-ranging perspective.

From Beneficiaries to Advocates:  What sets our trustees apart is their personal connection to our cause. Almost all of them have previously benefited from our organisation’s services. This firsthand experience has given them an intimate understanding of the needs and challenges faced by our beneficiaries, making them passionate advocates for positive change.

Empowering Informed Decisions:  Armed with this intimate knowledge, our trustees meticulously scrutinise and make well-informed, strategic decisions that guide our organization’s every step. Their dedication to excellence ensures that we are consistently moving closer to fulfilling our mission and making a lasting impact.

Beyond Boardroom Commitment:  But their commitment doesn’t stop at boardroom deliberations. Our trustees roll up their sleeves and actively engage in volunteering activities, leading by example and embodying our shared dedication to creating tangible, positive differences in the communities we serve.

At BYL/CYCD, our trustees are the driving force behind our success. Their passion, diversity, and commitment are the pillars upon which we build a brighter future for our communities.

Join us in celebrating the incredible individuals who steer our mission and make transformation possible. Together, we are making a meaningful difference.

Shaed Koyes | Mothahir Miah | Sujel Miah | Saleh Ahmed | Shamsuz Zaman | Jamirul Islam | Nurul Pasha | Maruf Ahmed | Mostaque Ahmed Koyes | Gulam Yeahia Chowdhury | Irak-ul Karim Chowdhury | Abdul Halim | Tahir Khan
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