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We have a diverse pool of staff from an array of different backgrounds who bring their experiences from all walks of life. This range of experience in different areas enables us to offer the wide range of activities in its programme.

We are lucky to have experienced and vibrant staff that are enthusiastic and motivated to help the young adults achieve their potential.

We also encourange our staff to participate in professional development opportunities by undertaking Diplomas and a variety of other training courses to broaden their knowledge and learn new skills that they can put into place at CYCD.

Firoza Abdool-Sathar

I am humbled and incredibly honoured to join CYCD as the new Director. Stepping into this role I am acutely aware of the current challenges as well as opportunities facing us and the communities we serve.

Yasmin Akhtar
Family Support Coordinator
  • Providing a safe space for women to access
  • Offering information, advice and advocacy
  • Weekly group drop-ins and one to one support for women
  • Supporting mental health and well-being
  • Partnership work delivering focus groups promoting healthy lifestyles
  • Facilitating workshops empowering women to gain more confidence, self-esteem and control over their own lives
  • Offering one to one domestic abuse, advice and support
  • Planning and delivering holiday camps for vulnerable children
Rajia Begum
Diability Project Development Manager

What is my role?

  • Support families and young people with special educational needs
  • Co-ordinate and plan weekly sessions for various SEN clubs.
  • Arranging appropriate outings and trips for each school holiday
  • Sourcing suitable resources that are tailored towards individuals needs
  • Providing respite care for parents and carers
  • Assembling relevant themed activities for services users
  • Planning and overseeing integrated session for SEN and mainstream young people
  • Arranging outreach platforms with a plethora of schools
Fatima Begum
Project Manager & IAG Adviser
  • Directing the completion of Luton Digital Skills and Employment Project for 18+
  • Providing the local community with educational and accredited programmes
  • Promoting services and recruiting suitable learners for the courses
  • Teaching Employability workshops
  • Providing motivation, empowering personal growth and reducing barriers to independence
  • Offering advice, guidance and advocacy as well as increasing awareness of services
Fazilat Khan
Project Coordinator
  • Children Art Project
  • Health and Wellbeing Clubs for 50+ age
  • Exercise Club for the elderly
  • Coordinate weekly Art and Performances projects
  • Drop-in session for welfare advice
  • Bangladesh High Commission Consular service
Wahida Chowdury
Pre-School Manager
  • Pre-School manager and safeguarding lead
  • Monitoring and evaluating practice policies and procedures
  • Working in partnership with schools and other educational settings
  • Supporting families and children with special educational needs
  • Mentoring Early years Apprenticeships
Sheikh Moheeuddin
Finance & Resource Officer

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