Creative Sessions

Activities at CYCD

Creative Sessions

We encourage our young adults to explore their imagination and creativity. We offer a wide range of creative sessions to suit all interests and abilities. Scroll down below to read what we offer.


A fun regular workshop for all abilities where the most able will be challenged and those that just want to have fun will be supported and encouraged.

Each half term we will produce work on a new theme, so that we can be inspired by a wide range of artists and creatives and explore a whole array of different media and techniques.

We regularly enter work into local art exhibitions and each week students work is featured on a Facebook Gallery so that friends and family can enjoy their fantastic creations.

Craft, Mosaic & Textiles

Current sessions include making bunting, sewing a motif onto material to create a picture and making fragranced candles in teacups. These creative sessions give our young adults a real sense of achievement.

Our group of talented young adults work together to gain skills to make wonderfully unique textile items – some to use, some purely for decoration! Our projects change as new ideas come to us or we find inspiration out and about – but our focus is the same, enjoyment and learning.

Mosaic is a session that combines creativity and new skills to create functional and beautiful pieces of mosaic to use or display. We work on seasonal themes as well as interests of our young adults to create individual items or a range on the same theme. The young adults use a number of new skills and work as independently as possible to finish individual projects. We use many different tactile materials – wood, tiles, grout and glue for our work and research ideas as a group. As with all our sessions we have fun and emphasise communication and helping each other.


Drama explores many aspects of everday life. We use role play to encourage positive thinking skills, games to encourage team work and learn short plays that we film to encourage memory skills.

Sessions include warm up games, improvisation and many other aspects. Sessions end with a period of reflection.

We aim for the young adults to gain confifence and self-esteem and encourage teamwork, thinking skills and promote communication.

Graphic Design (coming soon)

We hope to run weekly Graphic Design Workshops that provide an opportunity for our young adults to enhance their artistic talents in a supportive and knowledgeable environment. Using their skill and creativity we help them develop products to be sold in our shop. Their work is featured on a variety of different products such as:

  • Greetings Cards
  • Mugs
  • Calendars

Screen Printing (coming soon)

These sessions offer an introduction to basic screen-printing techniques. Using various methods including paper stencils, drawing fluid and screen filler, the young adults can experience printing their own designs onto fabric.

Working with us, future plans include producing hand printed items for sale: tea towels, bags and cushions using both individual’s drawings and collaborative designs. Also working with the Art and Furniture Up-cycling groups, young adults will have the opportunity to design and print fabrics for upholstery and refurbished garden furniture. This group offers the practical manual side of the printing process – making screens; mixing colours and printing fabrics whilst other participants can experience the drawing and design processes this group offers.

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